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22nd July 2012


grejtkurartw-deactivated2012111 said: Poppins: Extempore! It's nice to see more Water-type birds. I heard you guys fly into storms...I tried once when I was a Piplup and almost drowned, it turns out I can't fly, so I had to give up. But have you had any great stunts in the storm?

(Sorry again that this is so late)

Galileo: Aye, nice ta meet yeh Poppins. Indeed, we fly in all kinds ‘a storms. Best flyin’ weather, yeh know! Too many amazin’ experiences ta sum up here. Have ta meet yeh sometime, and tell yeh some of the better adventures, ay? 

22nd July 2012


grejtkurartw-deactivated2012111 said: Sinistro, I was looking back, and I noticed you were going to send Suledin on the Sneasel mission. Was Moss or one of the other Sneasels in Kipling's group going to join?

Ahh, sorry this is way late. But yeah. I was considering it. But then I realised it wouldn’t work, as Dil is very difficult to get on with, and he’d remind most of Kipling’s friends of Calico, so they’d probably look for someone else to work with.

26th May 2012

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starseekers said: Will @ 12 VOLT Sunrise: Oh oh oh are you guys rescuers to? You're all so yellow and...! Another Torchic! Hi my name Will what's your name? What kind of stuff do you like to do?!

Cairo: “Yes, we certainly are Rescuers! Couldn’t think of anything we’d rather be, right ‘Tar?”

Kontar: *smiles and nods*

Cairo: “Yellow indeed. Even you’re more yellow-ish than normal, aren’t you, ‘Tar, what with being more muted in your plumage.”

Kontar: *nods again* Yellow! *eyes widen and he hides behind Cairo*

Cairo: Hey buddy, don’t be scared! Will seems really nice. How ‘bout you come back and say hello, yeah?

Kontar: *slowly moves forwards again* Hello…

Cairo: It’s nice to meet you Will. I’m Cairo Kafele, but you can just call me Cairo. And this is… *glances down at Kontar*

Kontar: … Kontar! Swim… *nods and smiles again*

Cairo: Yeah, Kontar loves swimming, don’t you? He’s always loved water, ever since I first met him. I don’t suppose you’d like swimming though, Will? It seems a strange thing for a Torchic to like.

26th May 2012

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starseekers said: Tikay @ Dogen: Hey Dogen! How does one know when their mind is being read? I hear Bis does it all the time to you! Seriously, I think Gabi might be able to do it too, but I'm not sure!

Dogen: It depends on many things, Tikay. First, it depends on what memories or thoughts are being accessed - active thoughts, and important memories are harder to read without being detected, or so Bis tells me, and so I have experienced. Second, it depends on who it is that is reading your mind. If it is someone you know and trust, subconsciously you may let them in easier. But I find, for myself, I can always detect when someone other than Bis tries to read my mind. Perhaps it is because he and I are very close and that I don’t really trust many others (not to mention the fact that I’m always cautious around strangers).

Thirdly, it depends on how strong their mind is, and how delicate they can be with their psychic powers. Bis, for example, is very quiet and careful when reading my mind, because he has a strong hold over his power. I have met a few who are loud and clumsy when trying to pick out my thoughts, and I’m easily alerted to the fact that they are prying. Fourthly, the intentions of the one who is reading your mind can alert you. Bis always reads my thoughts with good intentions in his heart, and he is always happy to quietly make himself known. But there are some out there who are very sly and crafty, and it can be very hard to detect their presence if they control their emotions well.

And lastly, it depends on you yourself, and how well you know your own mind. Bis has become a welcome guest in my head, because I know him as well as I know myself, and I trust him with my life. I have nothing to hide from him, and we are honest and open with each other. I hope this answered your question, Tikay? If not, I could explain it more indepth for you?

9th May 2012

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The Anti-Paulie – An experiment in character

He moved through the wooded area with stealth, and the loudest noise he made was the steady, slow breaths he quietly drew in and exhaled. A movement in the sun dappled bushes to his right made him freeze, and he slowly turned his head, his sky blue eyes narrowed and cold. “Come out, coward,” he threatened in a low voice. He only gave the hiding creature a few seconds, before his eyes glowed a brilliant purple, and he pulled the cowering teddiursa from the bushes with his mind. “That wasn’t so hard, now, was it?” He grinned cruelly. The snap of a twig behind him, and a low growl made him release the young pokemon from his hold, and the frightened teddiursa ran to the safety of his father’s arms. Mother ursaring was not a happy bear at all, and she loomed over the stantler, roaring in his face. Paulie merely blinked, his nose twitching at the smell of her breath, and he narrowed his eyes, glaring, forcing the irate ursaring to take a step back.

“Not so scary now, are you?” He taunted, dancing back as she slashed at him with sharp claws. He merely sneered, hoping to draw her out, and he turned and began to prance away, laughing coldly under his breath.  The snarl of rage brought an empty smile to his lips, and he leapt nimbly to the side, dancing on his hooves, deftly avoiding the powerful Hammer Arm that had landed where he was standing only moments before. The smile faded from his lips, and his eyes glinted with a nasty, steely edge. “This grows tiresome. I had hoped you’d prove to be more of an adversary. I’ll be seeing you again, perhaps. Or what is left of you. But you won’t be seeing me again, ever.” And with these words, he sprang towards her, leaping off the ground and arcing high, twisting in mid-air, malice flickering across his features as he bared down upon the vulnerable ursaring. His face, his cold, heartless expression, and his hooves, they would be the last things she ever saw.

So this is my Anti-Paulie. He’s a real nasty piece of work isn’t he? *cries in the corner* Poor ursaring, getting killed for protecting her son. Yeah, I’d seen something reblogged recently, about getting to know what made your character, by first coming to understand what didn’t make your character. And, this is what I’ve got for Anti-Paulie. Cold, uncaring, heartless even. Super graceful and balanced. Not scared and timid and unsure of himself. In fact, extremely confident in his abilities. (Paulie doesn’t use Jump-Kick much, because he misses and gets hurt more often than not).  Aggressive and violent. Not family oriented in the slightest. Seems to enjoy the suffering of others…. COLD-BLOODED KILLER!!! DX

Yup, sounds pretty much opposite of Paulie, who is timid at times, has four left hooves, doesn’t always believe in himself, tries to avoid conflict as much as possible, shows a great concern for the wellbeing of others, loves his father and his friends, is caring, kind, compassionate. OH PAULIE. I’m so glad you are just the way you are, and nothing like this Anti-Paulie!

This was interesting, to say the least. Perhaps I’ll consider doing it for some of my other characters. Any charrie in particular you’d like to see Anti-fied, guys? This should be fun, huh?

29th April 2012

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Mmk, there we go

All sorted, and ready for questions =3

Also still working on Applications. Forza Onore’s is next, and then I’ll pick another to work on. Varekai, perhaps, or Aphelion, and I’ll finish off with The Cardinals =3

28th April 2012

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mmks, I got this all sorted and up this morning quickly, coz yeah, I feel like I’ve been missing ooooout, and it’ll also be a good way to develop my characters, and alos maybe will be a way to form new friendships =3

So, yeah. Haven’t got all my new apps done so far, sorrryyyyy guys XD but still, if you know a character whose app isn’t finished/you want to ask an NPC of mine something, just go ahead =3